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Dialog Drama Jaka Tarub versi saXti

saXti Production
Jaka Tarub
Drama of XI Exact Three

Narator: Indira Yunita Alie
“Before we started our show, I will introduce myself and the characters first.”
1. Rizalul Fiqri Prakoso as Jaka Tarub
2. Astrid Dwi Pratiwi as Nawang Wulan
3. Devian Apriani as Fairy 1 and Kumalasari
4. Hijranul Aryanto Arif as Big Tree
5. Muawiah as Nyi Randa
6. Cahya Prasetyo Aji as Golden Bird
7. Magfirah Maulani as Fairy 3
We hope you can enjoy with our show. This is a drama of "Jaka Tarub"
Note (Hijranul Aryanto Arif) :
if you want to live happiness with the person you love. Simple, Don’t ever lie, you must be honest with yourself and truly behold to get the things you want.
Scene 1 #
Once upon time in a green village, there lived a widow named Nyi Randa Tarub, she lived with her son named Jake Tarub who like hunting in the forest.
Jaka Tarub : Mom, I want to hunt in the woods
Nyi Randa : Yes ,Honey. Be careful
Scene 2
Amid the forest, Jaka Tarub heard some giggles and laughs of some girls. He was curious, so he peeped through the bushes. There ware seven fairies in a lake were having a bath, They’re from the heavenly kingdom of kahyangan. Jaka Tarub saw a scarf near the bushes. It belonged to one of the fairies. Jaka Tarub then took it and hide it.
Fairy 1: My younger sister! Come here.. Lets take a bath right here, ok
Fairy 2: Hahaha,.Ok, the water was too cool.
Fairy 3: Yes sis ....
Jaka Tarub: Hah..! All of the girls are beautiful. Are they fairies?, Mmm... I must have one of them. What is that? Is it Shawl? I must Hide one of it!”
Fairy 1: Sis the day is going to dark, Let’s get back. Hurry!”
Fairy 2: Wait me. Where is my shawl ? Oh God my scarf is missing.
Fairy 3: Missing..? How is possible?
Fairy 2: Oh no..! Where is my shawl?
Fairy 3: Oh .... It was dark, we should go from here. We can not do anything, Wulan
Fairy 2: Please wait me! Don’t leave me
Fairy 1: Forgive us Wulan. You’ll have to find it by yourself. We will wait for you in kahyangan”
Scene 3#
The other fairies then flew to the sky and leaving Nawang Wulan behind. Nawang Wulan crying. She was so sad. And then, Jaka Tarub come to ask Nawang Wulan.
Jaka Tarub : Excuse me, are you okay?
Wulan : Who are you?
Jaka Tarub : My name is Jaka Tarub. I life near in here. I heard you crying, so I came to see what
happen with you
Wulan : I'm an angel from khayangan, My name is Nawang Wulan and my shawl was lost, my
sister left me. I do not have anyone.
Jake Tarub : Don’t be sad, Wulan. Do you want to life at my home? I have a good mother, she will
happy with you.
Wulan : Oh, Thank you
Scene 4#
Finally Nawang Wulan follow the Jaka tarub going home, Nawang wulan Do Not know if jaka tarub who took the shawl. Arriving at home of jaka tarub. The mother surprised to see Jake tarub carrying a woman.
Jaka Tarub : Jaka coming Home, mom
Nyi Randa : Yes Tarub. Oh God, wherever you are, and who is she?
Jaka Tarub : Calm down instead, I was find Wulan alone in the forest, may she live here, Mom?
Nyi Tarub : Oh, Sure. She is a beautifull girl
Wulan : Thank you, Nyi
Scene 5#
Day by the day passed, finally Jaka Tarub married Nawang Wulan, but their happiness disturbed because after they were married not long after that Nyi Tarub died.
Jaka Tarub : Wulan, I wanna tell you about my feeling
Wulan : What is it?
Jaka Tarub : It is about you and me
Wulan : Don’t make me curious, Jaka
Jaka Tarub : Would you like be one and only in my heart and the mother of my children? Will you
marry me?
Wulan : Yes, I would
Scene 6#
After a year, they had a beautiful daughter. They named her Kumalasari. They lived happily. Day by day, Kumalasari growth. One day, Nawang Wulan had lost her power. She couldn’t cook rice with only a single paddy. Their paddy supply was slowly lessened. Their barn was almost empty. One day, Nawang Wulan went to the barn to get some paddy. When she took one of them, she found a shawl.
Wulan : Kakang Tarub , I want cooking the rice .
Jaka Tarub : Please take care and do not you go to steam it.
Wulan : Oh, How can I do?
Jaka Tarub : Okay I will look after I finish to work. Don’t get it by yourself. Wait me a minute.
Wulan : Now I can not cooking rice only from a sprig of rice. I had to pound rice.
Kumalasari : Mom, I wanna eat. I’m hungry.
Wulan : Wait your father, Darling
Kumalasari : Huhuhu.. I’m so hungry mom. Where is the meals?
Wulan : Kang! Kang Jaka..!”
Kumalasari : Mom.. Huhuhu
Wulan : Kang! Kumalasari is so hungry. You’re so late! I will take the rice by myself.
Wulan : Oh Darling... Oh My God! This is my shawl! oh, Kang Jaka! But why is he pretend not to
know anything?
Jaka Tarub : Don’t do it!
Wulan : I will back to khayangan
Jaka Tarub : Wulan, I was wrong ....! I apologize for that. I’m so sorry, honey
Wulan : You have cheated me so far Kakang!
Jake Tarub : oh Nawang Wulan, can we talk first?
Dewi : notKakang ...! my fate is as an angel and I have to go back to khayangan
With hearts broken Jaka Tarub watching his wife flew. So that is the story Tarub Tarub and Dewi Nawang Wulan. Then, he sit under a big tree with his daughter. The tree ask him and want to help him.
Jaka Tarub : Huhu.. My wife.. Huhu
Kumalasari : Dad, where is Mom? I’m Hungry Dad... huhuhu
Jaka Tarub : This is a banana, you can eat, my child. Forgive me, Kumalasari. I’m so love my wife.
The Tree : Hahaha.. Shall I say wow? You’re so stupid man, Jaka!
Jaka Tarub : Who are you?
The Tree : I’m Tree and I will help you to find your wife in khayangan
Jaka Tarub : Are you serious? How can I do?
The tree : It’s so easy. You and your child must dance a hula-hula with the dangdut song. And I
will help you.
Jaka Tarub : Oh, Right.
After Jaka and Kumalasari finished their dance. The tree carry them in Khayangan. And tell the golden bird to help Jaka.
Golden Bird : Jaka, Follow me to find your wife
Jaka Tarub : Sure, Let’s go
Their find Wulan and her sister in a hall of khayangan.
Golden Bird : Wulan.. Yor husband is here. He want to talk you.
Wulan : Kang Jaka?
Fairies 3 : Come here Jaka, Please talk to my sister, and don’t make her sad
Jaka : Thank you,
Wulan : Kumalasari, my child. I miss you
Kumalasari : I miss you too, Mom. But, can I get some meals, foods. I’m hungry, Mom.
Wulan : Yes, Honey. You’re so fat.
Jaka : Forgive me, Wulan. I miss you so, I and Kumalasari cann’t life without you. Please,
come back with me
Kumalasari : Mom.. Dady love you. Come back with us in the earth.
Wulan : Oh.. Of Course
Jaka Tarub and his family come back in the earth and get a happy life. The End